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About Play Cafe

We're a cozy coffee shop with a supervised indoor play zone for kids

Play Cafe is the ultimate destination for parents and kids in search of fun, comfort, and connection. Our cozy coffee shop features a supervised indoor play zone where children can let their imaginations run wild while parents relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Designed with both kids and parents in mind, Play Cafe offers a unique space that combines the best of both worlds.


The Best Idea in
the Neighborhood


Stop us if this sounds familiar...

You're at a kiddie party, your butt is smashed on a hard seat, and your stomach is grumbling. Tough luck; the lone pizza pie at the party is for the kids―not you or the other starving parents.

Austin and Daniel were in a similar situation, tracking the minutes on the clock until it was time to go home. They knew it wasn't the host's fault they were having a lousy time. It was the venue; it wasn't designed with the parent's comfort in mind. And that's when it hit them—why not? Why not create a space that caters to kids AND parents?


Play Cafe is the only play zone that caters to kids and parents. Come on down and enjoy a space that celebrates community, fun, and comfort.

Enjoy the Ultimate Play Cafe Experience

What Makes Us Special

We're the first supervised inclusive playground at Judson Mill to feature a cozy coffee shop for parents and an indoor play zone for kids. Join us at Play Cafe for a unique experience where kids can play and parents can relax, all in a space designed to bring families together. Come and see why we're the best idea in the neighborhood!

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