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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us about playtime, caffeine, and everything in between!

Wee’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions about our indoor playground and coffee shop. At Play Cafe, we prioritize creating a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment for both children and parents. From our supervised play zones to our diverse menu options, every detail is designed with your family's needs in mind

  • What age group is suitable for Play Cafe?
    Play Cafe is suitable for crawlers and walkers up to 14 years old, but we also provide entertainment and relaxation for adults.
  • Is there an entry fee for Play Cafe?
    There is a day rate for the play area only, which is supervised by a dedicated staff member. The cafe area is like any other coffee shop; no entry fee. Swing by for coffee and snacks.
  • Is Play Cafe suitable for hosting events or parties?
    Yes. Play Cafe is an excellent venue for birthday parties, playdates, and any special event. We provide a lively and engaging atmosphere for celebrations.
  • What is a "play cafe"?
    A “play cafe” is a business that combines a coffee shop with a play area for children. But when it comes to our Play Cafe, that is where the similarities stop. Play Cafe goes beyond combining a simple coffee shop with the play area. Here, you’ll find extra cozy seating, set off from a supervised play area, so parents can enjoy actual downtime and a gathering with friends. Our enormous, inclusive playground is suitable for children of all abilities, and our special event rooms are perfect for parties, community gatherings, and more. Play Cafe offers a wide range of snacks and hot foods that are healthy and delicious. From vegetarian to keto-friendly picks, from light pastries to comforting brick oven pizzas, we did our best to leave no stone unturned.
  • What activities are available at Play Cafe?
    Play Cafe offers a range of activities, including indoor playgrounds, interactive games, creative play areas, and social spaces for families to connect.
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