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Play Cafe

Judson Mill’s First Indoor, Inclusive Playground
& Coffee Shop

A playground for them. Coffee for you.

Play Cafe

Where Parents Relax & Kids Have Fun

Play Cafe is an indoor playground where parents and caregivers can relax and connect with friends while little ones experience the wonder, growth, and social interaction that comes with imaginative, indoor play. Our kids indoor playground in Greenville, SC is designed for kids of all abilities, ensuring everyone can join the fun.


We know imaginary play is a cornerstone for intellectual curiosity and the key to creative problem-solving in the future. We also know that self-care for parents and caregivers is a must.


So, to all you wonderful people, we say, come on down and have it all: chill time for you, fun time for them!

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& Indulge

The Play Cafe is a Haven for Parents & Caregivers

Ready for another epic day at an indoor playground? Great! And guess what? It's time to treat yourself, too! Our cafe is THE spot to relax while your little ones have a blast in our indoor playground.


Our vibe is fun, chill, and genuinely happy. Get comfy in our snug seating area while our staff keeps an eye on the indoor play zone for kids of all abilities. Sip on artisanal coffee, savor scrumptious pastries, and unwind. Catch up on work or hang with your buds; it's your call.


We're here for everyone. Let's hang out, enjoy good vibes, fun times, and connect with amazing people!


A Menu for All Ages

Grabbing coffee and a treat at Play Cafe is an enjoyable experience for the entire family.


We’ve curated a menu of delicious eats that cater to different palates and dietary preferences; there’s something for everyone. Our options range from vegan to keto-friendly, from gluten-free to carb-laden delights, and more.

For the little ones, our dedicated children’s menu offers a variety of nutritious snacks that please even the pickiest eaters. 

* Limited kitchen availability*

* Smoothies and sandwiches coming soon!* 

Coming Soon
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Coming Soon!!
Inclusive Play

Indoor Playground Designed for All Abilities

Our indoor playground at Judson Mill is designed for kids of all abilities, ensuring everyone can join the fun. With different play zones, a sensory hallway, and dedicated play times for children with special needs, everyone can enjoy endless adventures that match their unique interests and abilities. 

We value the power of exploration and curiosity. Our play zone is well-padded, allowing kids to let their imaginations run wild and be safe the whole time. 

Join us at Judson Mill for a play experience like no other. This is the indoor playground where friendships are made and social skills bloom.

Safe Play
All Day

Soft Structures & Interactive Games

​Hey there! Remember those old-school playgrounds with the scorching metal slides and crazy spring riders? It makes us wonder: how on Earth did they ever pass a safety inspection? 


Well, we've got something way better for your little ones! Our play area is all about fun, safety, and development. With soft play structures, interactive games, and satisfying sensory activities, your kids will have the time of their lives.


And don't worry, parents, our indoor playground is always supervised and super-sanitized. So, come on over and let the good times roll!

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The Benefits of Indoor Play

To all our fabulous parents, caregivers, and inclusive play enthusiasts, let's take a moment to appreciate the magic of indoor play.


We've crafted a magical space where joy fills the air. Our inclusive indoor playground in Greenville is a year-round haven that nurtures your child's motor skills, social connections, and creativity.


Our play area options cater to their unique interests, passions, and abilities. So, join us for discovery, growth, and fun in a warm and supportive environment. 


Birthday Parties & Special Events

Looking for a super-fun and cozy spot to host your little one's birthday bash? Look no further than Play Cafe. 


Our kids birthday party packages are customizable and designed to make your child's special day unforgettable. And guess what?

We also go above and beyond to ensure parents are comfy and happy! No more rock-hard seats or hunger pangs on the sidelines—it's time for parents to have a blast, too!

Create amazing memories, with joyful kids, connected parents, and awesome staff members at Play Cafe in Greenville, SC..

Locations & Hours

Stop By for a Cup of Coffee


701 Easley Bridge Rd unit 6040, Greenville, SC 29611

- Enter through main Warehouse entrance * straight down the hall * turn left * we will be on the right* 

Opening Hours

Sunday 12 - 6

Monday 10 - 7

Tuesday 10 - 7

Wednesday 11 - 7 

Thursday 10 - 7

Friday 10 - 7

Saturday 9 - 8 

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